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An exciting year ahead!
Next QEBPA Meeting: Thursday November 30, 2023 7:00
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Purdy's Fundraiser on NOW!!

Do you want to make band trips more affordable?
Would you like Mr. Parker to whisk your kids off for amazing experiences like the senior trip to Whistler, and the Clinics with Experts at Mount Royal?

We are hosting a Purdy's fundraiser. Sell chocolate and 70% of the portion received goes DIRECTLY to your child's account! The remaining 30% goes into a fund to pay for general costs such as buses, upgrades, uniforms and more.

How to sign up? 

STEP 1: Go to this link : https://fundraising.purdys.com/1842343-113102 

STEP 2:  Enter your Email Address

STEP 3: Fill in the "Please Register" page with your information

STEP 4: Click "Join A Campaign"

STEP 5: You should see a page that gives you a unique link. You can copy this link and share it with your friends, family, neighbours, and anyone else. Use this link to order chocolates for yourself and your clan! ***

STEP 6: Sell, sell sell! We made a few simple images and tacky AI videos (intended to be tongue in cheek) with more information at this google drive link. Feel free to make your own, and upload them to this folder if you are willing to share.

Other ideas:

Encourage your child to make some fun memes or graphics - apparently mine are always lame!
Purchase small gifts to have for coaches, teachers, service providers, well, maybe not dentists!
Have some stocking stuffers, and if you're like me, I always need some "Oh crap I forgot about that person" gifts to have on hand.

**Note the page should say Queen Elizabeth Band Fundraiser.  It may say you are connected to "David" but we will be tracking the sales via your unique link, not to worry!
Please email qebpainfo@gmail.com for any questions or issues. 

We need you to sign up to keep you updated on how to  make this year a great year for our Band Students.

As an external organization, we cannot collect contact information from the CBE. In order to stay informed on what the Band Association is doing to support our students, please fill in THIS FORM to stay in touch.

Let's rebound strong in 2023! We need you! Join the Executive Committee and help build an amazing program for our QEHS Band students. As a volunteer and parent run Association, we need help! You can choose to get involved in small ways, to sign up for help, or to be an organizer of a committee or section.

The Executive Committee is a group of fun and dedicated parents that help make the band program an excellent experience for our students. As senior students leave the program, they take their (Executive Committee) parents with them, so there is always room at the beginning of each year.

At the AGM, be ready to take the opportunity to join us!

Who Are We?

Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) has a great reputation for its band program.

The Queen Elizabeth Band Parents Association (QEBPA) proudly exists to support the program. Without the volunteer and financial support of the QEBPA, band students would not have the opportunity to experience band camp, workshops, off-site performances and band trips.

Please explore our website to find information on concerts & performances, membership, fundraisers and trips. If you are looking for a rewarding experience, we encourage you to get involved in the band program! Volunteer commitments could involve as little as one or two hours of your time. Please look at your schedule and the QEBPA calendar and then plan to participate!

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What are we up to?

The Queen Elizabeth Band Parents Association (QEBPA) is back in action! We're thrilled about Mr. Parker's exciting plans for the band program, revealed at the September meeting. Thanks for all who attended. 

We are ready to help Mr. Parker to make this year unforgettable. But we can't do it without your help. We welcome help, in any capacity you are able, especially for fundraising to help make band experience accessible for all.

Our goal is to provide incredible experiences and unforgettable memories for all band students. To achieve this, we need volunteers and support from parents like you. Join us for our monthly meetings, starting with the next one on November 30.

To stay in the loop about band activities, trips, and fundraising opportunities, you must sign up for our mailing list, as the school cannot provide this to us.

Sign up at this form 

Let's come together and create a fantastic band experience for our kids. Join us on this exciting journey! 

NEXT MEETING Thur Nov 30 Details coming.

Bottle Drive 

Bottle Drives are an excellent way to raise money to support our Band Program.  Please stay tuned for more information about this years Bottle Drives.

Pottery Fundraiser

This fundraiser was one of the ways we raised money for the band program in the past. Check out the beautiful work!