Fundraising Credit Policy

Objectives of QEBPA

  1. To encourage and support the development of a strong band program at Queen Elizabeth High School.
  2. To foster and stimulate the musical education and development of all students enrolled in Queen Elizabeth High School band program.
  3. To raise funds for afore mentioned objectives and for scholarships and to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for these.

All monies raised through the fundraising efforts of the QEBPA belong to the QEBPA.

The QEBPA has decided to allocate its fundraising revenue in the following manner:

For all fundraisers, 80% of the profit is credited to the individual student and 20% is put into the QEBPA General Fund for use by the Executive in fulfilling the association’s objectives.

For the Bottle Drives, 80% of the profit is split amongst the involved students based on the number of shift credits earned. (Please see the Bottle Drive information sheet.) Any donations will be credited to the QEBPA General Fund.

Use of Credits

  1. Credits are treated as prepaid expenses.
  2. Credits will automatically be used for outstanding fees before they can be used for any other expense.
  3. Credits may be used for
    1. Uniforms (shirt, tie, etc.)
    2. Clinician fees,
    3. Tour Deposits (after initial deposit payment)
    4. Additional Band-Related expenses
  4. Credits may not be used for personal expenses. (ie. Spending money or food money on tours.)
  5. Credits are automatically carried over from year-to- year, as long as the student is in the Queen Elizabeth Band Program.
  6. Credits can only be redeemed at the end of a school year as a refund of expenses already paid to QEBPA during that school year.
  7. Credits can be transferred to another student in the Queen Elizabeth Band Program, upon written request from the parent of the student who earned the credits.
  8. Students are encouraged to use their credits within 2 years while still enrolled in Queen Elizabeth Band.
  9. When credits are in excess of $50, the Parents can contact QEBPA about the possibility of redeeming the credits,
    1. If a student in Grade 9 is leaving Queen Elizabeth for another high school
    2. If a student is moving away from Queen Elizabeth designated school area
    3. If a student is graduating from Queen Elizabeth
  10. Each request will be considered on their own merits
  11. A student withdrawing within the school year or not returning the next year to the Band Program can not redeem their credits.
  12. Credits can not be redeemed until posted.
  13. Contact for information about credits. Credits will be forwarded to the Business Office at Queen Elizabeth High School and will be applied to fees as posted or upon request. Please get in touch with Andrew Wright at the Business Office through email for further information.

By participating in the QEBPA Fundraisers, parents and students are agreeing to abide by the Credit Policy of the Queen Elizabeth Band Parents’ Association.